[This was one of my earliest posts here at DC] Many Christians assume a certain kind of rational
superiority over any other system of belief and thought, especially
atheism. According to them, their beliefs are rationally superior in the
sense that Christianity wins hands down in the marketplace of ideas.
They claim that a compelling case can be made for believing in
Christianity over any other system of belief and thought.
way of thinking about the Christian faith is due to what my friend and
Christian scholar, Dr. James Sennett calls, “The Illusion of Rational
Superiority,” in his forthcoming book: This Much I Know: A Postmodern Apologetic.

James Sennett argues against the idea that people who reject
Christianity do so because they are either “ignorant,” “stupid” or
“dishonest with the facts.” That is, he argues against the idea that a
“fully rational rejection of Christianity is impossible.” Dr. Sennett
calls this objection the Christian “Illusion of Rational Superiority.”
It’s simply an illusion, he claims. [Although, as a Christian
philosopher he argues it is an unnecessary illusion due to the fact that
even though he has a reasonable faith, it is “not rationally compelling
to all.”]

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